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Recent General Meeting Notes

President Charmaine Schreiner called the General Meeting together on February 6, 2014.  Together those present read "the Purpose of United Methodist Women".  Sixteen members were present.  Joys and concerns were shared.  A devotional prayer was given by Alice Nelson.

The minutes of the November 7, 2013 General Meeting were read and approved.

Marylon Cole presented the Treasurer's report.  Money for Missions was divided among JFON (Justice For Our Neighbors, The Haven Network, Women's Crisis Center, and Rock House Kids.

Report from the Mitten Tree:  118 pieces total-18 to Rescue Mission, 100 to Social Work Service of the Rockford Public Schools  for homeless program.

New Business:

Rock House Kids--we will be doing some collections for them in 2014.  Watch Squeek for more details.

Cindy took the opportunity to show how the reading cart is organized.  Stickered  books on one side eligible  for Reading Program.  Books on other side are for reading pleasure.

Action alerts for Peace and Refugees around the World and Women at Risk:  Flight of the Rohingya.

Response Report::  "Wanted Women in Mission" in the January issue and in February issue there are maps and graphs about UMW giving.  

Next General Meeting will be Thursday, April 3.  Bettye Mixon will be our speaker on Rockford New Hope.  Refreshments were served.  A service of installation for the 2014 UMW officers was led by Pastor Doug




Reading Program

Our unit encourages all our members and others to participate in the UMW Reading Program.  Brochures on this program are available on the shelves in the Meeting Room.  The purpose of the Reading Program is to learn more about missions.  For more information on the Reading Program, contact Cindy Fisher.

Cindy has put together a reading list of the books we have at Aldersgate UMC.  They are on a special cart in the Meeting Room.  Please look over this list and participate in this program:













How Coffee Saved My Life



At 25, Ellie Roscher, a self-described rich white North American overachiever, decided to spend a year in Lascana, Uruguay.  She reveals her physical and emotional struggles for survival, and though spiritually tried and tested, she eventually flourished beautifully.  This is the story of Ms. Roscher’s year-long mission and how, through a multitude of grace-filled moments, she discovers that God has accomplished her all along the journey.




Rubble Nation        BONUS BOOK – 2 in EFM or 1 in EFM and 1 in SA



Rubble Nation takes readers back to this complicated and fragile world of promise and pain.  The photos and descriptions tell the story of what life is like on the ground twenty months after the earthquake.




Beaded Hope


When four women embark on a mission trip to South Africa, they all have selfish reasons for going.  What none of them expects is how profoundly their lives will be transformed by the people they meet.  This is a moving story about the power of faith and hope to overcome even the most tragic circumstances.




It’s Easier to Reach Heaven Than the End of the Street



In August 2000 Emma Williams arrived in Jerusalem with her three small children to join her husband and to work as a doctor.  For the next three years, she witnessed an astonishing series of events in which hundreds of thousands of lives, including her own, were turned upside down.  This powerful memoir continues to bring to life the realities of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.



Disfigured: A Saudi Woman’s Story of Triumph



Rania Al-Baz was the smiling face of a family program on Saudi television.  She was the first Saudi woman TV anchor when her abusive husband assaulted her. Her agreement to make pictures of her injuries public sparked criticism of Saudi culture, and as a result the first Saudi research into domestic violence began in Riyadh.  Rania’s memoir is not simply a story of the violence she suffered, nor is it a tale of revenge.  It is a story of generosity of spirit, and of her evolution into an activist on behalf of women.



Stones Into Schools: Promoting Peace with Education in Afghanistan and Pakistan



Greg Mortenson now continues the story of how the Central Asia Institute (CAI) built schools in northern Afghanistan. Descriptions of the harsh geography and more than one near-death experience impress readers as new faces join Mortenson’s loyal “Dirty Dozen” as they carefully plot a course of school-building through the Badakshan province and Wakhan corridor. Mortenson also shares his friendships with U.S. military personnel, including Admiral Mike Mullen, and the warm reception his work has found among the officer corps. The careful line CAI threads between former mujahideen commanders, ex-Taliban and village elders, and the American soldiers stationed in their midst is poetic in its political complexity and compassionate consideration.




God Trusted a Woman:  Leadership Lessons from the Life of Dr. Francis M. Alguire, First Laywoman to Lead the World Methodist Council



Born and reared on a dairy farm in central Michigan, Dr. Frances M. Alguire rose through Christian service to become the first laywoman elected president of the World Methodist Council, representing 77 million Methodists worldwide.  This story is a lesson in leadership.




A Love Affair With India: The Story of the Wife and Daughter of E. Stanley Jones



While volumes about the life and times of Methodist missionary E. Stanley Jones line the library shelves of Christians worldwide, little is know of his wife Mabel Lossing Jones, an accomplished missionary who served 42 years in India; or their daughter Eunice, who also contributed greatly to mission in India.  This book tells these women’s stories.




The Greatest Gift – The Courageous Life and Martyrdom of Sister Dorothy Stang  - BONUS BOOK



In 1982, Sister Dorothy Stang was in Brazil as a missionary working with an organization protecting poor farmers from logger’s and land developer’s pursuit of profit.  Renounced as a “terrorist” by powerful companies after testifying about illegal incursions into protected areas, but refusing to be intimidated, she continued her work until two gunman ended her life on a rural Amazon road.




Three Cups of Tea – One Man’s Mission to Promote Peace – One School at a Time



In 1993 mountaineer Greg Mortenson drifted into an impoverished Pakistan village in the Karakoram mountains.  Moved by the inhabitant’s kindness, he promised to return and build a school.  Three Cups of Tea is the story of that promise and its extraordinary outcome.  Over the next decade Mortenson built not just one but fifty-five schools – especially for girls. His story is at once a riveting adventure and a testament to the power of the humanitarian spirit. (Large Print)




They Poured Fire On Us From The Sky: The True Story Of Three Lost Boys From Sudan


The Kite Runner – A Novel


Standing Alone: - An American Woman’s Struggle For The Soul of Islam


Madame Ambassador: The Shoemaker’s Daughter


 William Sheppard: Congo’s African American Livingstone


Stolen Lives: Twenty Years In A Desert Jail

2003    First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers

2002    The Singer and The Song: An Autobiography Of The Spirit

2001    From Our Mother’s Arms

2000    Pushing The Bear: A Novel Of The Trail of Tears



2013    Outcasts United


            Clarkston, Georgia was designated as a refugee settlement center in the 1990s and became the first American home for families in flight from the world’s war zones.  Outcasts United is the stunning real-life story of an inspiring group of refugees and a woman who, with tough love and fiery determination, changes an entire community for the better.



2012    The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind


            After reading about windmills, William Kamkwamba dreamed of building one that would bring to his small Malawian village a set of luxuries that only 2 percent in his country enjoys: electricity and running water.  With a small pile of forgotten science textbooks and bicycle halves he embarked on a daring plan to build an unlikely contraption and small miracle that would change the lives around him.



2012    Change the World: Recovering the Message and Mission of Jesus


            Despite the church’s place of prominence in American culture and the ever-present church in every American town, misconceptions about the faith of Jesus Christ run rampant.  Christians are known more for exclusivity than for love, more for potlucks than solving world hunger.  Is it time for churches to get over the cruise ship mentality of being a program provider and reconnect with the true message and mission of Jesus?



2011    Half The Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide


            Pulitzer Prize winners Nicholas D Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn raise a passionate call to arms against our era’s most persuasive human rights violation: the oppression of women and girls in the developing world.  They take us on an odyssey through Asia and Africa to meet the extraordinary women struggling there, and show how a little help can transform the lives of these women and girls.  These stories help us see that the key to economic progress lies in unleashing women’s potential.





2013    Mind on the Run


Mind on the Run recounts the life and death of Scott C. Baker.  It’s the story of a family’s effort to help Mr. Baker through five major bipolar manic episodes – a story of love and loss and of a family’s futile attempts to save their loved one. It takes readers inside the bipolar mind a mind tormented by psychotic and delusional thoughts and a body ravaged by irreversible damage from untreated bipolar disorder.



2012    Asylum Denied


Asylum Denied is the gripping story of political refugee David Ngaruri Kenney’s harrowing odyssey through the world of immigration processing in the United States.  Kenney, while living in his native Kenya, led a boycott to protest his government’s treatment of his fellow farmers. He was subsequently arrested and taken into the forest to be executed.  This memoir tells of his near-murder, imprisonment and torture in Kenya; his remarkable escape to the United States; and the obstacle course of ordeals and proceedings he faced as U.S. government agencies sought to deport him to Kenya.  It is a story of courage, love, perseverance and legal strategy.



2012    The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks


            Her name was Henrietta Lacks but scientists know her as HeLa.  She was a poor Southern tobacco farmer who worked the same land as her slave ancestors, yet her cells – taken without her knowledge – became of the most important tools in medicine. The first “immortal” human cell grown in culture, they are still alive today, though she has been dead for more than 60 years.



2011    Inheriting The Trade: A Northern Family Confronts Its Legacy as the Largest Slave Trading Dynasty in U.S. History


In 2001, Thomas DeWolf discovered that he was related to the most successful slave-trading family in U.S. history, responsible for transporting at least 10,000 Africans. This is his memoir of the journey in which 10 family members retraced their ancestors’ steps through the notorious triangle trade route – from New England to West Africa to Cuba – and uncovered the hidden slave trade history of New England and the other northern states.


2011    Same Kind of Different As Me: A Modern Day Slave, an International Art Dealer, and the Unlikely Woman Who Bound Them Together


This story begins outside a burning plantation hut in Louisiana, and unfolds in the upscale art scene in Texas. It exposes pain, betrayal and brutality, and it shines with an unexpected life-changing love.  In the end, Ron Hall and Denver Moore form an unlikely friendship resulting from charity and challenged by tragedy.



2010    Too Many Irons In The Fire And They’re All Smoking


This little book offers a month’s worth of wisdom, advice and encouragement for women in 31 short daily meditations.



2010    No Turning Back: My Summer with Daddy King


In the summer of 1961 seminary student Gordon Brewster ventured south to work at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Ga., where Martin Luther King Sr. and Jr. were pastors.  In this moving memoir, he recalls his first encounters with segregation and the spontaneous church services of the black Baptist tradition.  Mr. Brewster revisits an historic era carved in faith and courage by ordinary Americans of all colors.



2010    The Undertaker’s Wife: Wisdom and Musings: Life in a Small Town Funeral     Home


No one will forget the people who pass through the home of The Undertaker’s Wife.  With warmth and humor, this initially reluctant undertaker’s wife chronicles her journey from farmer’s daughter to obtaining an advanced theological degree and becoming an organist in the small-town funeral home she shares with her husband.



2010    Caring For Mother: A Daughter’s Long Goodbye


Virginia Stem Owens offers a thought-provoking memoir of her family’s seven-year ordeal of caring for her mother’s Alzheimer’s illness.  The possibility of facing Alzheimer’s in a loved one or in the mirror increase for many as baby boomers age into the 85-and-older population.


2009    Faith & Fitness:  Diet and Exercise for a Better World


Faith & Fitness offers a balance between fitness and wealth that leads to a longer, more fulfilling life of socially responsible Christian discipleship.  While it is a book about fitness – emphasizing disability-free living through diet and exercise – another goal is to help you realize the value of community; a more simple life with fitness and wealth in their proper places in your community of family and friends. (Larger than Average Print)


2009    Acts of Faith – The Story of an American Muslim, the Struggle for the Soul of    a Generation


Growing up outside Chicago and subjected to bullying and feelings of uncertainty of what it meant to be Muslim, Eboo Patel, founder of Interfaith Youth Core, had the anger and gut-wrenching feeling of being excluded from mainstream society.  He soon learned that anger is not an identity, and discovered how an angry youth can be transformed – by faith, by the community and, most of all, by himself – into a profound leader for the cause of peace.



2009    A Thousand Splendid Suns

A story of the last 30 years of the volatile events in Afghanistan’s history and two generations of women whose lives are bound together in a struggle to survive, raise a family and find happiness in a war torn country.



2009     Here If You Need Me – A True Story

Here If You Need Me is the story of Kate Braestrup’s remarkable journey from grief to faith to happiness – as she holds her family together in the wake of her husband’s death, pursues his dream of becoming a minister, and ultimately finds her calling as a chaplain to search-and-rescue workers.  It is dramatic, funny, deeply moving, and simply unforgettable – an uplifting account of finding God through helping others.



2008    I Chose To Stay: A Black Teacher Refuses To Desert The Inner City

2006    Barefoot Heart: Stories of a Migrant Child

2006    Beyond Greens and Cornbread: Reflections on African American Christian Identity

2006    When My Name Was Keoko:  A Novel of Korea in World War II

2006    Wither Thou Goest? You’ve Got To Be Kidding!  A Minister’s Wife Speaks Out

2005    Knitting Into The Mystery: A Guide To The Shawl-Knitting Ministry

2005    After Anne – A Novel

2003    Home Across the Road

2003    Motherland: Beyond The Holocaust

2003    My Grandfather’s Blessings: Stories of Strength, Refuge, And Belonging

2002    Fun ? But We’re Married! A Wise And Witty Guide To A Lasting Marriage

2002    Life Is So Good

2001    Lanterns:  A Memoir of Mentors

2000    A Child Called “It”

1997    Now What Do I Do




2013    One Simple Act          LARGE PRINT


            In a world that seems too often stingy and grudging, Debbie Macomber has witnessed how a simple act of generosity can yield unforeseen miracles.  This blend of true stories and motivating messages will delight and surprise as the reader discovers how giving the gifts of time, encouragement, hope, laughter, prayer, service and forgiveness can have lasting life changing impact on the giver and recipient.



2013    In Our Backyard        CONTAINS MATURE SUBJECT MATTER


            In Our Backyard invites readers into the lives of human trafficking victims, survivors and the traffickers themselves with true stories.  These stories not only inform, but also continue our study of modern day slavery, this time focusing on the United States.



2012    The Slave Next Door


            In The Slave Next Door we learn that slaves are all around us, hidden in plain sight – the dishwasher in the neighborhood restaurant, the kids on the corner selling cheap trinkets. the man sweeping the floor of the local department store – and we meet some unexpected slaveholders. Weaving together a wealth of voices this book is also a call to action, telling what we as private citizens can do to finally bring an end to this horrific crime.



2011    Claiming Earth As Common Ground: The Ecological Crisis Through the Lens of Faith


            Can people of faith save the environment? Can the environmental challenge save religion?  Our planet is in trouble, and it will take an amazingly large and powerful force to shift into a more sustainable way of living.  Spiritual leader and environmental activist Andrea Cohen-Kiener tells us that people of faith have the numbers the passion and the mandate to do it – and that nothing else is strong enough to counterbalance “business as usual.”


2011    The Heart of Racial Justice


            The racial divide is one of the most pervasive problems the church faces.  Why won’t this problem just go away?  In this book the authors make the crucial connection between the role of healing prayer and the spiritual warfare in bringing about justice.  Each of us must be challenged to identify the power of evil in the world and to give up our idols for the sake of Christ.  Are you ready to find out how soul changes leads to social change?



2010    The Road Of Lost Innocence:  The True Story of a Cambodia Heroine


            Somaly Mam’s life story illustrates triumph over unthinkable adversity.  The Road of Lost Innocence recounts her childhood experience of being sold into sexual slavery and shuttled around Southeast Asia for a decade.  This is also the story of an awakened activist and her brave fight against powerful and corrupt forces stealing the lives of children around the world.  This book contains strong language and content.



2009    “They Take Our Jobs!” – and 20 other myths about immigration


            This groundbreaking work dismantles twenty-one of the most widespread myths and beliefs about immigrants and immigration.  “They Take Our Jobs!” challenges the underlying assumptions that fuel this misinformed claims about immigrants, radically altering our notions of citizenship, discrimination, and U.S. history.  (Larger than Average Print)



2008    What’s Wrong With The Christian Right?

2008    Enrique’s Journey

2006    The Betrayal Of Work: How Low-Wage Jobs Fail 30 Million Americans

2006    Blood Done Sign My Name: A True Story

2006    To Educate Is To Teach To Live: Women’s Struggles Towards Higher Education

2005    Mrs. Lincoln And Mrs. Keckly: The Remarkable Story Of The Friendship Between A First Lady And A Former Slave

2005    Pigs At The Trough

2003    It’s The Little Things:  Everyday Interactions That Anger, Annoy And Divide The Races

2003    When Stars Begin To Fall

2002    Barbara Jordan, American Hero

2002    The Lost Boy

2001    Don’t Call Us Out Of Name

1999    Chaos or Community

1999    Another America




2013    When Christians Get It Wrong         


            When young adults talk about the problems they have with Christianity and the church, they name attitudes and behaviors they believe are practiced too often by Christians: judging others, condemning people of other faiths, rejecting science, injecting politics into faith and being anti-homosexual.  With his familiar style, Adam Hamilton tackles these issues and addresses the  hows and whys of Christians getting it right when it comes to being Christ in the world.



2012    Seasons of Salt           LARGE PRINT


            Whether we realize it at the time, normal events in our everyday lives can have significant spiritual meaning and can also offer valuable lessons – if we only take the time to listen.  In more than 60 devotions suitable for individual or group use, Seasons of Salt weaves faith and daily living and shows how everyday activities, including childhood games, kitchen challenges and family and church events, present perfect opportunities for expressions of faith.



2012    Wasabi Gospel:  The Startling Message of Jesus


            Wasabi Gospel takes you on a quest to really examine the words of Jesus and their impact on our lives.  Using seven well-known gospel passages, the book unpacks their real significance and explores what life would really look like if we lived out those seemingly subtle commands of Christ.



2011    Contemplative Crochet: A Hands-on Guide for Interlocking Faith & Craft


            You know the satisfaction to be found in the simple act of crocheting: in the rhythm of the hook, the feel of fiber, and the miraculous creation of beautiful fabric from thread or yarn.  But is there a way to develop this sense of the spiritual into a deeper, more mindful practice?  Let this engaging book take you on a path deeper into your crocheting and your spiritual awareness.  Whether individually or as part of a group, explore your practice through original patterns, meditations, reflections and creative exercises.  You will find yourself reaching for your hook and yarn as you read, inspired to take up your projects with a whole new state of mind.


2011    The Noticer: Sometimes all a person needs is a little perspective


            Poverty, a failing marriage, old age, lost dreams.  To the residents of Orange Beach, AL, these desperations are hopeless, barren places with no chance for change, but to an old drifter named Jones with a gift of seeing what others miss, there is no such thing as a dead end.  It only takes a little “perspective” he says, to recognize the miracles in our moments, the seeds of greatness tucked into our struggles.  As Jones mysteriously makes his way through this coastal town and into the searching hearts of its residents, he offers simple wisdom and sound hope.



2010    My Tummy Talked In Church Today:  And 51 Other Humorous Poems and Devotions for Adults Who Love Children


            This collection of poems, Scripture, reflections and prayers will bring joy and understanding to adults.  Celebrate faith by reading these poems with the children in your life in mind.



2010    The Shack


            Mackenzie Allen Philip’s youngest daughter, Missy, has been abducted during a family vacation and evidence that she may have been brutally murdered is found in abandoned shack deep in the Oregon wilderness.  Four years later, in the midst of his Great Sadness, Mack receives a suspicious note, apparently from God, inviting him back to that shack for a weekend.  In a world where religion seems to grow increasingly irrelevant The Shack wrestles with the timeless question: Where is God in a world so filled with unspeakable pain?  The answers Mack gets will astound you and perhaps transform you as much as it did him.



2009    Holy Stuff Of Life – Stories, Poems, and Prayers about Human Things


            Holy Stuff of Life is a narrative “treasure hunt” for the hidden holiness of human things and a quest for a transformative encounter that turns consumption into blessing.  Throughout the pages of this whimsical yet profoundly spiritual work, readers will explore the holy human connections of things such as apple seeds, a tattoo, dish towels, a broken chalice, a carpenter’s level, and extra virgin cooking oil blessed by a pope.


2009    Matthew – The Book of Mercy


            Known as a scribe, minor tax collector and public sinner, Matthew sought to create an identity for the fledgling Christian community as it struggled against persecution by the Romans and ostracism by the Jewish leadership.  In her new book, Megan McKenna shows how this identity is forged of forgiveness, reconciliation and atonement.


2008    Walk In A Relaxed Manner: Life Lessons From the Camino

2007    But Lord, I Was Happy Shallow – Lessons Learned In The Deep Places

2006    Joshua’s Bible: A Novel

2006    The Leading Women: Stories of The First Women Bishops Of The United Methodist Church

2006    Prairie Wisdom: Reflections On Life In The Dakotas

2006    Susanna Wesley: A Mother With A Difference

2006    Words Of Fire, Spirit Of Grace

2005    Women Of Spirit: Stories of Courage From The Women Who Lived Them

2004    Interludes: A Busy Woman’s Invitation To Personal And Spiritual Rest

2004    Abraham:  A Journey to the Heart of Three Faiths

2003    Sabbath: Finding Rest, Renewal, And Delight In Our Busy Lives

2003    Why Forgive?

2001    How Can I Find God?

2001    A Journey In Song

1999    Lifekeys

1999    The One Year Book Of Hymns





2013 – One Simple Act

2013    Seasons of Salt

2009    Three Cups of Tea

2002    Front Porch Tales






Spiritual Growth


2005    Concerning Prayer

2003    The Scandalous Message Of James: Faith Without Works Is Dead

2002    Jesus And Courageous Women

            Ecclesiastes – The Meaning of Your Life

2008-2009       I Believe In Jesus

2008 – 2009    Giving Our Hearts Away, Native American Survival

2012 – Immigration and the Bible



Geographic Study

2006    India & Pakistan



Social Issues Study

2011 – The Journey

2012 – 2013 – Poverty






Joshua In The Holy Land

The Red Tent

Discerning Your Spiritual Gifts

Anna, Woman of Miracles

I Am An American

To Be The Hands of God

The Future of Peace & Justice In The Global Village

The Memoirs of Dorothy Footitt

Are Americans A Chosen People?

Dreams from My Father

The Making of a Missionary: H Drewer Johns and the Wh

2013 UMW Officers

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