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December Toy Deliveries Fininshed

December Toy Deliveries were completed.  We delivered 2609 wooden toys and countless hand puppets to 19 agencies.  One such delivery was covered by WIFR TV23:    Hospital Toy Delivery

Wish List

-Volunteers to help produce the cars

-Hardwood wood "scraps" at least 4 inches wide

- Quart size Ziploc style bags

-New agencies to take toys to.  Are we missing someone?

Wheels and more wheels....

Our "bug car" convention

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Puppets Needed

In addition to wooden toys we also make and give away puppets.  These are used quite often in counseling and therapy of many kinds.  Please click the link to see pictures of the puppets and patterns Puppet plans and patterns.pdf

 We provided all materials.  You just provide your time and effort.  Together that is a combination for many smiles on children's faces.


All toys are given a primer coat

Painted with safe paint

Ready to Roll, or more exactly, to give away into the hands of children in distress

Recent Delivery of donated wood

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