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Drinking From The Sacred Well

A Daily Devotional, 1-25-2021 (Monday)


With the power of soul anything is possible.

With the power of soul anything is possible.

~Jimi Hendrix

I have a banner hanging in my office with the powerful words of Rock legend, Jimi Hendrix, “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”


Where did all the hippies of love and peace go?  God knows we need those who will sound the alarm for love and peace again.  In my 60 plus years, I have never seen so much unyielding pride and violence in this country of ours.  Probably a better question to ask is, “Where is the church?  Where are the followers of Christ?  It seems that all the consumer-oriented churches can offer are litanies of peace. God help us.


This is what Jesus said in the Bible, Matthew 5:9, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.”  God has called us to be peacemakers, God has called you to be a peacemaker.  Maybe it would help the reader to have translated this Greek word “εἰρηνοποιός” to those who “make peace.”  In other words, peace does not fall out of the sky like manna, you have to make it. Fulfill your destiny and become a peacemaker.


Let’s pray: It is me again God. You have called me and my church to be peacemakers. Fill me with your Spirit of peace (Romans 14:17) and spur me on to fulfill your calling on my life to make peace.  Amen.

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