Aldersgate United Methodist Church





Rev. Brett Todd, Pastor                                 Mary Jensen, Secretary

Jane Nihan, Organist



4055 North Rockton Avenue

Rockford, IL 61103 


Office Hours: 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM, Monday-Friday


Starting with the Worship Service on Sunday, July 3,

Aldersgate UMC will now start our service at 9:00am. 

Our Worship Service will be about 45-50 minutes long, to allow Pastor Brett time to travel to Beth Eden for their Worship Service at 10:00am.  The leadership from both churches met and agreed to try these new starting times.  If, at a later date, we and/or the Pastor decide that this arrangement isn’t working or causes problems, we have to option to “re-negotiate” different starting times.  This will be an adjustment for both churches, please continue to pray for both congregations as we adjust to our new arrangement. 

Thank you, Jenny Graham, Chair, AUMC Staff Parish

Important Announcement

The Bishop has appointed Pastor Brett as a part-time Pastor to Beth Eden UMC. He will ALSO continue to be our Pastor, now on a part-time basis, starting July 1. Church Council and Staff Parish met with our District Superintendent to learn more about this arrangement, which is called yoking with another church.
This is NOT a merger! We will continue as separate churches, but will share a Pastor.
Both committees weighed the pros and cons and voted to go forward with the yoking arrangement, as we believe this is in the best interests of our congregation, both short-term and in the future.
We have the opportunity to evaluate the viability of this arrangement at a future date.
Aldersgate’s leadership is working with the District Superintendent and Beth Eden’s leadership to work out all the details.
We will keep everyone informed as details are worked out.
Thank you,
Jenny Graham, Chair, Staff Parish

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